The symposium "Beyond the Canvas: Exploring Art-Science Collaborations".


The first edition was held on September 13th at the Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden. This event is specially designed for artists who are eager to delve into the dynamic intersection of art and science.
In recent years, the fusion of art and science has given rise to awe-inspiring creations, blurring the boundaries between disciplines and sparking new avenues for creative exploration. The symposium aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of art-science collaborations from multiple perspectives. The symposium featured distinguished speakers representing academic institutions, renowned museums, and practicing artists, offering their unique viewpoints and experiences in this ever-evolving field.
"Beyond the Canvas" hopes to provide a platform for stimulating discussions, fostering connections, and igniting new ideas among artists who are eager to embrace the possibilities of art-science collaborations. This symposium hopes to expand your artistic horizons and encourage you to explore uncharted territories.